About Stephen A. Brooks


Stephen A. Brooks (Steve) grew up in the road building / site development construction business working for his dad's construction business. It built many subdivisions, large commercial and industrial sites, an occasional airport runway, and highways. When Steve graduated from college and got his professional engineering license, he traveled around much of the USA and islands building large construction projects of all types and sizes, working with many of the world's largest contractors, construction managers and design firms; i.e. power generator facilities, fifty story high-rise buildings, airport expansions, high speed USPTO mail processing facilities, mega-project waste water treatment facilities, interstate highways, tunnels, and bridges. Interspersed along the way Steve also did considerable residential and multi-family housing, including all phases of its development, design, construction and operations, much of it involving various kinds of government subsidy financing.

In Boston, Massachusetts in the 1990's Steve's building career had him then managing the contracts were some of the largest construction projects in the world. Steve often then found himself being the only engineer in a room full of attorneys arguing over many millions of dollars, neither side understanding what the other side was saying, so Steve went to law school at nights and got his law degree in order to better do his job. Most of the licenses Steve's holds have similarly resulted over a long career of Steve continually adding to his professional expertise in order to more fully apply his trade. Upon graduating law school Steve went to work for one of Boston's larger law practices applying his familiarity of the field, design and law to sort out the (i.e. try to cut to the chase) complicated legal issues that often perplex the parties and otherwise lead to expensive and protracted litigation.

On the east and west coasts one can better see the housing markets weakening and a recession approaching. Steve decided it was time to sell high in early 2006, come home to Louisville, and try to enjoy the remaining few years of his aging parents. By then he was then living out of suitcase and traveling the country chasing the latest large construction melt down, wherever it be found---and could just as well do so from the Midwest. Housing recessions often have a ten year recovery time, meaning Steve's choice was either stay in Boston another ten years to wait out recovery or move home. But for Steve, for generations his family relatives had remained on the same Kentucky land since the 1700's, and had, among other pursuits, operated a couple of cemeteries and three funeral homes in the south of metro-Louisville. It, the deathcare industry, was another business that Steve had grown up around, so upon returning to the area he was recruited by the Kentucky Cemetery Association, Inc. to become its part time General Counselor, and accepted. Thus began another chapter in Steve's carrier of providing cemetery legal assistance to families, municipalities, cemeteries, and other attorney's in the narrow specialty niche practice of cemetery law. Cemetery law, including funeral law, is one of the few remaining large bodies of law, still unique to every state, which has no 'model code' to simplify and unify it across the nation. Cemetery law, here and everywhere, has evolved helter-skelter over the years, and varies widely between jurisdictions. As common and frequent as death is to most of us, legal issues arising therefrom are unique and rare enough, that most of the public, including many small businesses in the industry, and even the legal professionals are unfamiliar with its legal nuances---which has become another specialty service provided by Brooks Law Office.

A few years ago, Steve's law associate in Louisville unexpectedly died. His specialty was landlord/tenant law. He had built over the years the area's largest landlord/tenant legal practices. Upon his passing, Steve acquired the practice, and kept on his legal team of lawyers and legal assistants that had worked the practice for decades and continues it. Steve's prior multi-family management experience complimented nicely taking on this additional practice. The Brooks Law Office's landlord/tenant law practice has grown since then, and continues to provide the area's property owners and managers needed legal services with a variety of related housing issues.